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This series of photos of the Interavia E-3 in the single-seat configuration are of Zoltan Veres, a Hungarian airline and airshow pilot. More photos and videos of Zoltan's exploits can be found by clicking here.

These photos were all taken in Europe and highlight the dramatic change in the profile of the E-3 in the single-seat configuration. The bottom photo illustrates a common modification to the vertical stabilizer - the distinctive "shark-fin" tail has been squared-off to closer resemble the look of the Sukhois. The E-3 on Row #16 shows the standard tail.

TheInteravia E-3 and the Technovia SP-95 are nearly identical designs made by two different factories. Both share the feature of being convertible between single- and two-seat configurations. There are a relatively few of these types of airplanes in the United States.

Interavia E-3 Knife-Edge
Pull to the Vertical
Zoltan in formation with two MiG-29's


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