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Afterburner Seminars

"Leading Top Corporations To Flawless Execution"
Atlanta, Georgia, July 2002 - July 2003

Harry is an active public speaker and gives management training seminars as part of the Afterburner Seminars team. The Afterburners lead top corporations to flawless execution by applying techniques used by military fighter pilots to the business world. The couple brings their unique perspective as married fighter pilots with MBA's and business experience to these dynamic and effective events.

The following description of how the Afterburners might benefit your company was taken from their website:

Business is combat. Success depends on how well all members
of your team execute their individual missions, every single day. Many corporations are great at planning—but when it comes to
executing, they fail.

That's where Afterburner can help. We lead the world's top
corporations to breakthrough performance through the pursuit of
flawless execution.

A Winning Team
The 50 men and women on Afterburner's team are uniquely
qualified to teach the skills needed for breakthrough performance.
Our team of former and current fighter pilots has a powerful mix of
combat experience combined with extensive business skills. Many
members of our team are graduates of the nation's top business
schools and academies. Our cutting edge corporate training uses
the combat proven methodologies of fighter pilots to help your
team achieve victory in your rapidly changing business
environment. Whether you are in sales and marketing, operations,
or management, Afterburner can help you transform your team into
a highly competitive fighting force.

Precision Focus
At Afterburner, we have an unwavering focus on improving your company's ability to execute. We do this using the Afterburner Flawless Execution Model (SM), shown on the following page. First, we help create the optimal environment for improved execution. We teach companies to overcome any deficiencies in leadership, organization, teamwork, communication, and discipline that
contribute to poor performance.

Second, we train corporations in the methodologies of flawless
execution: Plan. Brief. Execute. Debrief. = Win! The model is
simple, but it's far from simplistic. It is a powerful formula that will
unleash breakthrough performance in any organization. This
combination of sound organizational development and combat
proven methodologies have made Afterburner one of the fastest
growing training firms in the country.

Uncommon Success
An Inc. 500 company, Afterburner has been featured in nearly
every major business publication in the United States including the
Wall Street Journal, and Business Week. Meetings and Conventions
Magazine named Afterburner "The hottest speakers on the circuit
right now." With worldwide reach, Afterburner has trained nearly
100 of the Fortune 500 in the past six years. The company has
earned a stellar reputation among its clients as a truly
revolutionary training company, delivering relevant, tangible value
with every offering.

Extensive Client Capabilities
Afterburner can help your company bring about rapid organizational
change that will lead to tangible improvements in execution and
performance. Our arsenal of services is designed to improve
execution at the individual level as well as the global enterprise
level. Call one of our Afterburner Business Development Consultants
today and let us create a customized corporate transformation
plan for your company. Strap yourself in and get ready to see
performance improvement at Mach 2.


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"She's Just Another Navy Pilot: An Aviator's Sea Journal" by Loree Draude Hirschman and Dave Hirschman

"Hijacked: The True Story of the Heroes of Flight 705" by Dave Hirschman

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