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Sun Microsystems
Senior Manager / Principal

Product Program Manager, Network Systems Group
Mobility Strategy and Market Development Group
Corporate Strategy and Planning (M&A) Group
Palo Alto, California, Aug 2000 - Dec 2004

Harry has performed the following roles at Sun:

  • Product Program Manager - Low-End x86 Servers
  • Strategy and Biz Dev - Wireless & Digital Media
  • Portfolio Manager - Venture Capital Investments
  • Integration Lead - Post-Acquisition Integration

Harry is currently the Product Program Manager for the Sun Fire V20z and V40z, two- and four-processor servers based on AMD's chips that have set world-record benchmarks. As the "product boss", Harry led the cross-functional team that delivered the V40z on schedule and under budget, and was responsible for driving all customer requirement, product specification, vendor selection, development, and marketing activities. He drove programs through Sun's eight-phase product life-cycle process and cancelled products that did not support the company's strategy. Harry led a strategy team that recommended to the CEO's Portfolio Strategy Group a broad product line based on AMD chips that resulted in a major strategic alliance between Sun and AMD and the eventual introduction of six hardware products. This family of products represents a major strategic initiative for Sun because it is a departure from the "vertical integration" strategy of basing products solely on its SPARC chip and Solaris operating system.

Harry was a member of the strategy team for Sun's Mobility Strategy and Market Development (MSMD) Group. He participated in the strategy development and business planning efforts in both the wireless and the digital media spaces, including developing a go-to-market strategy for Java-based wireless content and gaming.

Harry led Sun's first-ever effort to start a new company based on non-core technology from Sun Labs on behalf of Sun's Chief Technology Officer. He worked closely with the inventor to develop the strategy, write the business plan, and create the financial model. He participated in the decision-making process within Sun by presenting the range of alternatives to senior executives and making the recommendation to move the effort outside of Sun and he participated in discussions with both venture and strategic investors.

Before joining the MSMD Group, Harry was a Venture Manager for the Corporate Strategy and Planning (M&A) group with a portfolio of approximately 20 companies valued at $125 million focused on Sun's digital media investments. His charter was to ensure that Sun realized the strategic value of its investments while assisting portfolio companies in meeting their business objectives. He was the liaison between portfolio companies and Sun Business Units and often served as a board observer. His portfolio consisted of companies in Interactive Television, Streaming Media, and Digital Asset Management, among other industry segments.

As an Integration Lead, Harry led the post-acquisition integration for Sun of Gridware, Inc., an international software company with products for workload management (WLM) across a network. By bundling WLM software with their workstations, Sun was able to change the paradigm in the technical computing market from “chip speed” to "Resources Available on the Network”. The technology acquired in this acquisition has become the cornerstone of Sun's N1 architecture, a major strategic effort for the entire company.

Harry was an MBA Intern at Sun's Corporate Development (M&A) group during the summer of 2000.



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