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The TA-4J "Skyhawk" is a two-seat, light-weight, high-performance aircraft with a modified delta wing.It was manufactured by the Douglas Aircraft Company of Long Beach, CA, and was designed as a training aircraft capable of operating from a carrier or shore base. It is powered by a Pratt & Whitney J52 engine capable of developing 9,300 lbs of thrust at sea level. The aircraft mounts two 20mm guns internally and can carry a variety of external stores.The TA-4J is used for advanced strike training the NATRACOM.

Empty Weight
Max Take Off Weight
Max Level Speed
Max Range
Max Rate of Climb
Service Ceiling

Source: U.S. Navy

42' 7"
15' 3"
27' 6"
10,602 lbs
24,500 lbs
660 mph
2,000 statute miles
8,000 ft/min
38,700 ft


"Wings of Gold"

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